What appeared to be only a passing fashion, but for several years now, gin and tonic has achieved great popularity. It has been able to reinvent itself more and better than other spirits. In order to make it more attractive to the public and offer new experiences, the idea of ​​using extra virgin olive oil in the elaboration of this drink has achieved a lot of growth potential and social acceptance.

The extra virgin olive oil brings to the cocktail a different body, with more texture, and leaves a long-lasting taste in your mouth.

There are many ways to incorporate it. You can frost the edge and sprinkle it with sugar, or directly add a trickle of oil in the same glass. It gives it aroma and intensity second to none.

Gintonic with extra virgin olive oil and a little rosemary

One of the first to dare to elaborate this cocktail was the Gin Club 92, located in the central and busy Jorge Juan street of Madrid (Spain). It is elaborated with a base of a gin infused with fruits of the forest, flavored with Granny Smith apple and with the rim of the glass frosted with extra virgin olive oil. It was baptized in 2011 as “Emotions 92”.

Also the Uvarara wine bar, located in the historic center of Foggia (Italy), has made a perfect combination between the historical tradition of cocktails and innovation in reinterpreting gin and tonic. Among its more than 100 gin and tonics, ithe one that stands out is, its gin made with virgin olive oil.

In this case, the process of making this gin and tonic begins as any traditional Gin, but then its infused with ingredients such as juniper and cardamom. The broth obtained is diluted with water to reduce the alcohol content and the infusion with extra virgin olive oil is add as the last step.

The polyphenols in olive oil (natural antioxidants) are extracted and blended with alcohol, leaving the fat aside and maintaining all its fragrance.

In addition to fashions, the fact of having a cocktail that contains, in any of its forms, evoo makes it healthier and more intense the enjoyment of this popular drink. It leaves a lasting taste in the mouth, which helps to appreciated its aromas.

We propose two Guin and tonic options with olive oil:

Gin and tonic after work:

Dip a glass of combined in extra virgin olive oil and pass it through sugar. Fill the glass with plenty of ice and add 4 cl (1.35 oz) of gin and 20cl of tonic. Add a slice of orange and cinnamon sticks.

Gin and tonic Classic:

Fill a glass of ice mixture and cover with 2 cl (0.67 oz) of dry vermouth, drain leaving only the coating on the ice. Add 6 cl (about 2 oz) of olive oil gin. Add a few drops of Martini and Peranzana brine (Italian olive variety). Garnish with a touch of lemon.

Gin and tonic cool:

Fill a glass with ice. Add 4 cl (1.35 oz) of olive oil gin and 20 cl (0.67 oz) of mild tonic. Add a slice of green apple and garnish with a basil leaf.

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