The blog begins today its dream of divulging the properties of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the purest of olive oils, all over the world.

This intense green liquid treasure has its origins in Mediterranean countries and, because of its taste and healthy properties, is rapidly spreading to croplands and kitchens worldwide.

In Olivatia we declare ourselves to be lovers of the highest quality olive juice, that comes from the first harvest press, and we are committed to spreading oil awareness to the EVOO world from a practical, simple and instructive point of view.

This blog and its contents which will also be available through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google+, is the starting point to generate interesting and useful stories for EVOO lovers and first initiates to explore its health benifits, diet, recipes, as well as in its origin and in its presence around the world.

Welcome to Olivatia


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  1. jorge

    Sin duda, el aceite de oliva de alta calidad tiene una oportunidad de diferenciación en un mercado cada vez más amplio y competitivo…

    27 December, 2016

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