The province of Jaén, in the southeast of Spain, it is the region that produces the most olive oil in the world and is the undisputed world capital of this product.

More than 60 million olive trees occupying an area of more than half a million hectares brings out, its own character and richness, as well as a high quality product increasingly appreciated around the world.

Deep in the interior of a Mediterranean and tourist country, this Spanish province without beaches, but steeped in history, contributes in a different way attracting travelers who seek to avoid overcrowding and look for a unique experience.

The culture and traditions around the monoculture of the olive tree and its immense landscape which envokes visions of a sea of olive trees is candidate to become a UNESCO’s world heritage site. Its quality of gastronomy and an environment that does not go unnoticed by those who seek to get lost in different sensations on the olive routes:

The Museum of Olive Culture near the historical city of Baeza, open its Mill doors to the traveler to show the tradition of grinding olives, its traditional farmhouses, its olive oil spas or its olive oil tastings for lovers of EVOO.

Jaén is land of olive trees and olive oil greenways. A broad and beautiful province to which Spanish poets like Antonio Machado or Miguel Hernández dedicated many of their most beautiful poems. Of the latter, a verse that says everything about the importance of olive oil in this land: ‘Andalusian people of Jaen, haughty olive trees croppers, tell me by heart: who suckled the olive trees?’

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