In a particularly hot summer like this one there is desire to take a good ice cream. However, not everyone can do so because the preparation based on cow’s milk does not allow them to consume the lactose intolerant, and many others also called “milk sugar” is indigestible. In addition to this, the traditional ice cream has a high amount of animal fats, which in a high consumption is not beneficial to the body.

This was the starting point that encouraged the oldest ice cream company in Spain, Ibense Bornay, founded in 1892, to innovate the elaboration of the first range of ice cream in the world made with olive oil. Today they are followed by others with this idea that has democratized the consumption of ice cream, since they are also suitable for celiacs, and for vegetarians and vegans because they are 100% vegetables.

These ice creams have an almond milk base, making them lighter. Olive oil gives you the healthiest, nutrient-balanced and creamiest. The latter ingredient also makes them lower in saturated fats and rich in oleic acids, thereby controlling blood cholesterol levels.

As for the flavors, you can find them chocolate, almonds and vanilla, among others.

Increasingly, the most innovative in confectionery use as an ingredient quality olive oils, especially extra virgin olive oil, for its contribution in flavor and creaminess, and for its health benefit. Thus, chefs and food companies are changing their priorities to put the health of the consumer in the center of their work and resort to the poultry to make chocolates, pastries and other confectionery products.

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