When in Rome we propose that you scout the gastronomic Roman culture based around the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). We found the Filodolio Restaurant in the African neighborhood of Italian Capital. It is a 100% EVOO restaurant based on gastronomic elaborations with supreme quality to promote Mediterranean excellence, which (according to its owners) is still not that well known.

Filodolio suggestes three sample menus (meat, fish and vegetarian) managing an open range of sensations through which the customer can value the different aromas and tastes of their extra virgins olive oils.

This project is the result of the project of the entrepreneur Stefano Donaudy (at the picture) with the collaboration of the chefs Anastasia Paris and Philip Artioli, who declare themselves as supporters of the “extra virgin cuisine”. They offer a menu based on a very sincere formula: Visiting the market daily to guarantee the freshness of the dishes.

Filodolio se define a sí mismo como un restaurante extra virgen
Filodolio defines itself as an extra virgin restaurant

Baked vegetables, gratinated potatoes, tagliatelle al pesto or their personal version of the risotto with garlic, oil and lemon, are some of their best known proposals. Out Standing dishes such as bread soup and black herbal pork with olive oil, or its tuna steak on a bed of garlic bread with capers, stracciatella soup cream and olive oil from the Campania region are well renowned. The traditional but very technical and creative inspirational cuisine of Filodolio has an affordable average price starting at €30.

In Keeping with its informative character of the best olive oils, the restaurant has a kitchen open to its client, who become an active spectator of work. Among the most valuable qualities of this restaurant, is it highlights the quiet and friendly atmosphere.

Perhaps the most differentiating factor, compared to other Mediterranean restaurants, is its personalized advice with multiple varieties of extra virgin that are explained perfectly depending on the clients preferences.

Gastronomic tourism is an activity in constant growth, so peculiar and authentic places as this Roman restaurant of exaltation of olive oil, becomes a very interesting alternative to take into account.

Italy in general, and in particular its capital Rome is one of those great destinations where tourist go to find new sensations, and AOVE can contribute to many of them.

This is one of the civilizations that has had most influence, and it has also done this in the world of gastronomy. The Greco-Roman culture was able to spread throughout the Western world contributing among other things its vast knowledge of architecture, engineering or law, to name but a few. But it has also left an important legacy of culinary advances that are now praised and perfected in marked places such as the Filodolio restaurant in Rome.

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