Olivatia recommends Nihil Prius, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) extracted only by mechanical procedures and without any type of chemical procedure.

Nihil Prius is made with 100% Cornicabra olives. This variety is famous for its nutritional qualities and contains a very high level of healthy fatty acids with a higher level of natural antioxidants than other varieties. The cornicabra extra virgin olive oil variety has more healthy attributes than other variety: polyphenols, tocopherols and oleocanthal.

It brings intensity, enhancing the flavour of food but without eclipsing its own flavour. Suitable to use straight from the bottle on toasted bread, pasta, canned fish and seafood, fresh fish rich in taste such as cod or salmon, red meats, or as a dressing for smoked fish and regular salads and in confectionery to make the best chocolates.

The health benefits of this EVOO are of a very high quality. It is maybe the best product for those who are concerned about consuming only the best. Nihil Prius has a careful and very elegant taste, which has been achieved thanks to early harvesting, rapid grinding and cold pressing.

Nihil Prius comes from Latin and means ‘Nothing More’. It is the purity of the best EVOO and nothing else. This product has its origin in bicentennial olive trees, from which the best olives are extracted. This is the essence of our product.

The olives comes from the region of Los Navalmorales, in the Montes de Toledo, in Spain. This area with its dry and rigorous climate, cold winters and hot summers, is the ideal environment for these ancient olive groves.


The extra virgin olive oil Nihil Prius has a scent of a ripe fruity oil with traces of vegetables, reminiscent of the tomato. It has light aromas of banana and apple, and leaves a soft final after-taste of nuts.

In the mouth its bitter and spicy, with light values with the balanced attribute of the very best EVOOs. It acquires intensity when its mature flavours are exploited.

It is gold coloured as the product is filtered with cellulose. This is a respectful mechanical process that cleans the extra virgin olive oil without losing any of its healthy and beneficial properties.

Art Nouveau Design

Nihil Prius’ label is inspired by an ‘Art Nouveau’ design, to convey a return to the classic, to the essence of things well done. On the label there is an image of a goddess that evokes olive oil as a source of abundance. The dark green bottle keeps the qualities of the EVOO and the gold cap reminds you that it contains a precious Golden liquid.

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